Online trainings

  • Products and Services
    Products and Services

    This online training is primarily aimed at employees in sales and customer service. We will introduce you to Continental products and services that will make your daily work easier. It's not just about drive belts and belt drive components, but also about practical services for greater efficiency in the dealership and workshop.

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  • Accessory belt drive systems
    Accessory belt drive systems

    Learn more about how belts and belt drive components work and how to install them correctly. You'll also be able to identify common system component wear patterns at a glance after completing the online training.

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  • Water pump and cooling system
    Water pump and cooling system

    We present the most common repair requirements in the field of thermal management. Together, we will take a close look at individual system components and clarify the most common installation errors as well as external causes of failure. After the online training, you will be able to better assess and target repair requirements.

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