Trainer basics I

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Trainer basics I – theory

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Trainer basics I – theory

Contents of the training

  • Introduction to the Continental team
  • Introduction to training documents (material) 
    - Presentation
    - Demonstration parts
  • Introduction to the theoretical section of Continental training
    - Structure/sequence in theory training
  • Basic knowledge of belt materials 
    - EPDM 
    - Tension members
    - Tough Grip
  • Product and component expertise
    - Setup and function of V-belts/multi V-belts
    - Setup and function of timing belts
    - Setup and function of different tensioning systems 
    - Setup and function of torsional vibration dampers
    - Setup and function of overrunning alternator pulleys
    - Setup and function of water pumps
  • Tour of plant and test laboratory
    - Timing belt production
    - Timing belt material testing
  • Practical exercises for evaluating damaged parts 
    - Timing belt damage patterns
    - V-belts, multi V-ribbed belts damage patterns
    - Water pump damage patterns 
    - Torsional vibration damper damage patterns