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Stretch Belts

Continental Stretch Belts are made specifically for drives that don't have a mechanical tensioner to maintain constant belt tension or an adjustment slot that allow for belt installation or tensioning. Our stretch belts have built-in technology that allows for easy installation on fixed center drive systems that require self-tensioning capabilities.



The belt's distinctive design uses the latest OEM technology in EPDM compounds and a polyamide tensile cord that stretches for installation, then recovers once installed to maintain proper tension.

The Belt Revolution

Since 2004, automobile manufacturers have been designing drives using self-tensioning belts. These drives do not have a mechanical tensioner to maintain constant belt tension and they do not have an adjustment slot that allows belt installation and tensioning. Continental Stretch Belt incorporates low modulus and high elongation technologies that allow the belt to be installed on these fixed drive systems and provide the "self-tensioning" capabilities necessary to maintain proper belt tension in the absence of an automatic tensioner. Although Continental Stretch Belts look similar to our OE Technology Series Multi V-Belts, they are dramatically different and not interchangeable with our Multi V-Belt or other serpentine belts.

How are Stretch Belts distinguished?

The Continental Stretch Belt can be differentiated by its part number. The functional part number that includes the number of ribs and length also has an "S" suffix, indicating a Stretch Belt.


Serpentine | 3 Ribs | 19.5" long | Stretch Belt