Continental Belt Wear Gauge


Continental Belt Wear Gauge

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Continental Belt Wear Gauge

Continental has developed this easy-to-use gauge that tells you and your customers when its time to replace a belt.


1. The tooth side lets you perform a quick profile wear test.

2. The narrow side test for overall and/or uneven wear.

Uneven Wear Test

  • Press the narrow edge of the gauge into each belt groove
  • The edge should not "bottom out" in any of the grooves

Profile Test

  • Use the tooth edge of the tool
  • Press the teeth of the gauge into the belt grooves
  • The teeth should fit snugly into each groove.  If not, the belt may need to be replaced

* This test result does not replace a professional diagnosis

Caution: Before working on a vehicle, turn off the engine.Consult the vehicle's Owners Manual for recommended belt replacement intervals.

See video of the belt gauge in action: