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Insta-Find® Measuring Gauge

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Insta-Find® Measuring Gauge

The Insta-Find belt measuring gauge makes it easy to quickly determine the size of any belt made by Continental or any other manufacturer.

The Insta-Find gauge measures automotive, truck, and lawn and garden belts. It is designed for top widths to one inch, and will measure circumferences up to and exceeding 100 inches.

Measuring capability

A special serpentine groove enables easy measurement for the growing number of belts used in serpentine applications. Equally important, it is made of sturdy materials so it will stand up to the heavy usage it is sure to get.

How the Insta-Find gauge works

  1. Apply old belt.
  2. Read belt width at bottom.
  3. Read belt length on scale respective to the top width.
  4. Select new belt.

Simply slip the old belt onto the gauge and pull the slide tight. The belt width is read at the bottom of the slide. The belt length is read on the bar scale. No guessing. No trial-and-error matching.