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Continental Sport ATV Belts

Ours is the only ATV belt manufactured using a Carbon Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) in the body of the belt, creating a unique belt sidewall material with firm gripping action in the belt contact area. Thus, it provides positive traction for a precise, immediate response. The aggressive belt material maximizes grip without sacrificing belt wear, allowing for a quick and clean throttle response and abuse resistance under load. The Sport ATV belt's superior wear-resistant qualities are maintained, offering maximum belt life under all-terrain conditions.

Perfect Fit

The key to designing an "original equipment" replacement belt is to correctly "reengineer" the belt by precisely duplicating its dimensions. A belt that is dimensionally correct will achieve approved acceleration and speed. Our Sport belt, with its required top width, length and sidewall, has been designed to maximize performance in the pulley.

Get more bite out of your belt with a precision sidewall that provides support in the pulley, grips and slips when necessary and lasts longer than the competition. Stronger and more durable than competitive constructions,the belt maintains its flexibility and rides evenly and smoothly within the sidewall of the CVT pulley, creating longer belt life through changes in speed. It lasts longer than other replacement belts, withstanding abuse and recovering from incidental "spin and run" situations during a power surge. It's characteristics allow it to function even after "spin burn," reducing walk home failures common with other belts. When considering the complexity associated with replacing any belt,Continental Sport is worth it and will help you avoid a belt failure in a remote situation.

Drive to compare our aggressive new approach in CVT belting.

Continental Sport's best-in-class design makes it the ultimate workhorse, transmitting solid power to the wheels.