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New packaging: less is more

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New packaging: less is more

Smaller, lighter, more climate friendly: the new packaging for timing belt kits with water pump


A new packaging concept for our timing belt kits with water pump offers an easy way to increase retail and workshop efficiency, at the same time as helping to combat climate change.

Previously, the individual components of these kits (timing belt, water pump, tensioner and deflection pulleys) were packed in separate boxes, which were then placed together in a large outer box. A cleverly folded cardboard inlay is now used to protect all components and keep them safely in place within the box without the need for their own individual packaging. As a result, the new packaging is much smaller and lighter, bringing a host of benefits…

The reduction in size means that around 50 percent less cardboard is needed to make the packaging, resulting in significant carbon savings. It is now far more straightforward to unpack the components, which is a big help for workshop mechanics. And less packaging material builds up in the process, keeping the workplace tidier and safer. Workshop managers, meanwhile, will appreciate having far less waste to dispose of. The cardboard is made from recycled material and is itself recyclable.

Thanks to the packaging’s lighter, more compact design, haulage companies will be able to load nearly 70% more kits on each pallet in future. As a result, 98 fewer truck journeys will be needed annually to take the goods from our production site to retailers. And that in turn will cut carbon emissions from transportation by some 390 metric tons – every single year. The weight saving of 245 g paves the way for higher fuel efficiency too, which again helps the environment and efforts to slow down climate change.

The smaller size of the new box isn’t just good news for the planet; it’s a boon for retailers too, as they will now be able to make better use of precious shelf space – in both the stockroom and the salesroom. The new packaging is much easier to handle as well.

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