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Water pumps

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Water pumps

Design and function

A water pump consists essentially of:

A) Impeller with scoop vanes 
B) Mechanical shaft seal made of carbon and silicon carbide 
C) Integral bearing with roller and ball bearings


Replacement interval:

Please observe the vehicle manufacturer’s change intervals for replacing the water pump. If the vehicle manufacturer does not specify a change interval, we recommend replacing the water pump together with the multi V-belt after a maximum of 80,000 km.


  • Store in a dry, dust-free and cool place (ideally 15-25°C)
  • Avoid contact with all liquids (oil, water etc.)


  • It is essential to take note of our general information about fitting water pumps and flushing the coolant circuit. Leaks from the water pump usually result from impurities in the coolant caused by inadequate flushing or the incorrect use of sealants.

    Never turn the water pump impeller when dry as this can damage the mechanical shaft seal.