Belts in oil (BIO)

The focus of this training course: All aspects of belts in oil (BIO), including the associated components. The system components, how they work, wear patterns and troubleshooting faults will be explained, along with common fitting errors and external causes of system failure.

Current engines are used in the training, e.g. B. PSA 1.2 PureTech, Ford 1.0 Ecoboost or Ford 2.0 EcoBlue. Face-to-face training courses can be carried out with training motors for an additional charge.

Belts in oil (BIO)


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Course content

General principles of belt drive systems

  • Handling timing belts
  • Safety instructions

Special features of belts in oil and their differences

  • Advantages of timing belts compared to chains
  • Requirements of the timing belt
  • Different materials and structures

Characteristics of belts in oil

  • Design and operation of the tensioning device
  • Belts without tensioning device
  • Belt routing
  • Maintenance and oil changes

Symptoms of belt in oil failure

  • Practical illustration and explanation of the causes of timing belt damage
  • Cause and rectification of timing belt damage
  • Installation problems/fitting errors


More information

Target group: Master mechanics, mechanics, trainees
Training period: 1 - 1,5 hours
Training fee: Free of charge

System requirements: Windows: Windows 7 – Windows 10 Mac: OS 10.13 upward Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox Version 52 and up, Google Chrome, other browsers may work but are not tested and may not support all features. Attendees may also join via the Cisco WebEx iOS and Android apps

Joining Instructions: A link to the registration page will be provided by Continental, after registering each attendee will receive a follow up email with a link to join the online seminar. At the scheduled time follow the link in the email, this will open your browser and prompt you to install the Cisco WebEx browser extension, after you have installed the extension the webinar will open in a new window, follow the instructions in the window to join the webinar. If you don’t want to install the browser extension click no and you can join via a temporary, one use, application instead. If joining on iOS or Android the joining link will open the WebEx app or prompt you to install it.

Tips for easy access: Try to join the seminar approximately 5 – 10 minutes early, this gives time to test network connection and sound quality and install any apps or add-ons that may be required. If on pc a wired connection is recommended as the video and audio quality is affected by internet bandwidth.