Accu-Drive® Idler and Tensioner Pulleys


Accu-Drive® Idler and Tensioner Pulleys

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Accu-Drive® Idler and Tensioner Pulleys


Continental routing idler and tensioner pulleys deliver OE form, fit and function for optimum performance and durability. They are application-specific and follow OE material requirements, yet materials may vary depending upon heat exposure, engine location and system tuning. The Continental line also provides additional hardware when required, avoiding the product consolidation issues often found with other replacement products. Our pulleys come ready to install without extra fabrication or machining.

Our line of pulleys includes many styles and extensive domestic and import market coverage.

Plastic Pulleys

  • Available for backside and groove side applications
  • Glass-reinforced thermoplastic provides ideal dimensional control and running surface durability
  • Service-free, sealed ball bearing
  • Molded-in ball bearing for optimum fit and long life
  • Precise dimensional tolerance for smooth operation and long life

Steel Pulleys

  • Precision steel stamping
  • Close tolerance ball bearing pocket
  • Electro-deposited coating for superior corrosion resistance
  • Crowned running surface aids proper belt tracking

Two-piece Idler Pulley

  • Typically found on European applications
  • Can be replaced by a plastic or steel pulley if space permits

V-Belt Pulley

  • Usually found on older North American models and some imports
  • Used on lock center belt drives
  • Available in one- or two-piece steel pulley designs