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Garage Exhaust Hose & Accessories

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Garage Exhaust Hose & Accessories


  • 7 Steps – Garage Exhaust System
    7 Steps – Garage Exhaust System

    Garage exhaust hose and accessories are designed for both floor and overhead use in both small car and heavy-duty truck garages.

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  • Door Ports
    Door Ports

    Allows hose to be vented through 1" door.

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  • Elbows

    Rubber elbows connect to underfloor exhaust systems. Aluminum elbows connect two hoses in an overhead pulley system.

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  • Overhead Duct Connectors
    Overhead Duct Connectors

    Adapter to Overhead "T"'s.

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  • Rubber Hose
    Rubber Hose

    ACT Hose is designed for use with larger gas vehicles and diesel trucks, and is available with wire insert and a variety of tailpipe adapters.

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  • Service Station Kits
    Service Station Kits

    High performance rubber hose kits that keep harmful exhaust fumes out of a service garage.

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  • Splice Connectors
    Splice Connectors

    Joins two hoses together. Internal threads on rubber connector and external threads on metal connector.

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  • Tailpipe Adapters
    Tailpipe Adapters

    Connects hose to various types of tailpipes. Hook and Chain holds adapter in place.

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  • Y-Assemblies

    Designed for dual exhaust vehicles. Includes Hose, Y-Connector and Tailpipe adapter.

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  • Y-Fittings

    Allows for three hoses to be joined together.

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