• Radiator Hose Reducers
    Radiator Hose Reducers

    Rubber reducers for inserting into the inside of a radiator hose to reduce the ID of the hose for a proper fit to the connection.

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  • Clamps

    High-performance stainless steel worm gear clamps & Stainless Band Worm Gear Clamps.

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  • Connectors

    A general-purpose automotive fitting for use as a fuel line connector, vacuum hose connector and for use in emission control systems.

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  • E-Z Coil™
    E-Z Coil™

    Breaking the automotive heater hose mold, E-Z Coil™ makes installing molded heater hose easier than ever.

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  • Hose Cutting Tool
    Hose Cutting Tool

    A handy, easy-to-use tool for evenly cutting rubber or plastic hose.

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  • Hose Merchandiser
    Hose Merchandiser

    An attractive merchandiser to display, organize and dispense your fuel line hose, windshield washer tubing, fuel injection hose and heater hose.

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  • Radiator Hose Filler Tee
    Radiator Hose Filler Tee

    The filler tee is located in line within the upper hose of many truck applications.

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  • Heater Hose Quick Connectors
    Heater Hose Quick Connectors

    Quick connectors are used on Ford and GM heater hose assemblies and offer an easy way to replace the OEM assemblies on certain heater cores.

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