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DataDrive Market Intelligence System is the first system of its kind that puts critical market information at your fingertips. Driven by integrating over one billion vehicle, application and proprietary market data records, DataDrive is designed to give your business the competitive edge, by helping you anticipate needs and prepare for future trends.

By coupling market data from trusted resources with Continental's proprietary algorithms, DataDrive will help grow and optimize your business in three key categories:


Inventory Optimization

  • Reduce missed sales by accessing local registered vehicle data in conjunction with our replacement rate algorithms
  • Improve inventory turns by aligning your inventory with future part replacement needs and industry trends
  • Eliminate excess inventory by building customized assortments that align with future demand in your market
  • Introduce first-to-market parts more efficiently and effectively by understanding part needs

Market Assessment and Profile Reports

  • Increase profit by focusing on growth and emerging segments using a data-driven approach to strategic marketing plans
  • Provide real-time market share and growth models for your specific territories
  • Assess the impact of the ever-changing vehicles in operation profile

Lead Generation

  • Increase sales by combining installer leads with your team’s local market knowledge
  • Generate qualified leads by registered customers
  • Provide competitive landscape profiles in your market