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Belt drive components for the EA288 evo


The EA288 evo powers many vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. To ensure that everything runs smoothly during repairs, we offer all belt drive components in original equipment quality

Volkswagen executives were visibly proud when they unveiled the update to VW’s EA 288 engine, almost five years ago to the day, at the International Vienna Motor Symposium in Vienna's Hofburg Palace. And rightly so. It may not have been given the most spectacular of names – the new diesel engine has only the suffix “evo” to show for its development journey – but the capability and performance of the new four-cylinder unit was remarkable: significantly lower fuel consumption, more power and higher torque, at the same time, quieter running and super-rapid response.

In addition, the engine was already prepared for mild hybridization. And in 2019 it was updated to include twin dosing technology. The combination of two SCR catalytic converters enabled the vehicles not only to meet the Euro 6d ISC-FCM AP exhaust gas standard in the lab, but also to record impressively low emissions figures in the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test. The engine has since provided reliable service in a host of Volkswagen Group models, including the Volkswagen Golf, Tiguan, Passat and Arteon ranges.

Fast forward some five years and the vehicles are now coming into workshops for their scheduled services. Continental ensures that mechanics are as well as equipped as possible to carry out all repairs on the belt drive of the EA288 evo (both with and without mild hybrid). To this end, we carried over the relevant components from our OE range into the aftermarket line-up at an early stage. Our kits ensure mechanics can access all the parts they need for the EA288 evo, as with other engines: from the special multi V-belt EXTRA and the typical tensioning elements to the electrically controllable water pump. The latter is made in Germany to proven OE quality standards.

An overview of our products for the EA288 EVO:

EA288 evo – without mild hybrid

EA288 evo – with mild hybrid

EA288 evo – with and without mild hybrid


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